Get Trained By The Best In The Industry


Kapil Arora

Founder & CEO of Transfunnel Consulting

The First HubSpot trainer in India, Kapil is a complete knowledge powerhouse. His expertise and experience in marketing automation and inbound strategies have assisted many businesses globally to turn their ROI for the better. A down-to-earth, approachable and sorted visionary, Kapil is somebody who is inclusive and possesses a timely sense of humour. When he finds some free time, he prefers to read inspiring books, mostly non-fiction.

Mona Chopra

Director, COO and product head, TransFunnel Consulting

With a vast experience in end-to-end product management, Mona brings to the table her expertise in developing products that are loved and valued by customers. Her focus is on reducing the pain points for startups. With sharp acumen and an experience of around 15 years in product development, Mona’s understanding of the product cycle right from its inception to delivery is vast. She has hands-on experience in KLAS#1 rated products, building customer engagement platforms and provider-facing applications. She is somebody who will always have a smile on her face no matter what. An energetic and solution-oriented person, Mona is adept at agile methodologies.

Gaurav Vaishnav

Delivery Head & Automation Architect, TransFunnel Consulting

Absolutely no-nonsense but fun-loving, Gaurav is the go-to person for any tech stack implementation or complex integration. His knowledge on marketing automation and related tools runs deep. He has been instrumental in accomplishing challenging custom integrations for clients globally. When you don’t get access to him, he is surely sitting in a hidden corner finishing off his work in isolation. A family guy, Gaurav likes to spend time with his loved ones when he is not tech stacking.

Yoga Priya

Senior Marketing Manager, HubSpot Expert, TransFunnel Consulting

With a strong background in digital marketing and HubSpot, Yoga comes with smart marketing strategies and flawless onboarding expertise. An IITian and IIMian, this non-geek nature-lover has immense experience of working in the higher education industry. When he is not marketing or HubSpot-ting, the curious explorer in him prefers to either take off to an untouched place or be immersed in deep thoughts and sometimes crack a helluva joke!

Shreya Agarwal

Account Manager, TransFunnel Consulting

Talk minimum, work maximum – this is how one would define Shreya. Her undying learning spirit despite being an expert in HubSpot onboarding is commendable. With her as your trainer, you need not worry about getting the basics right. She will ensure you reap the maximum out of her sessions. Shreya socialises on her own terms and conditions as it is subject to her free time! But when she is with you, she’s one fun personality.

Amogh Jain

HubSpot Developer, TransFunnel Consulting

This go-getter comes with oodles of experience as a HubSpot developer. There is not a single function he doesn’t know about his area of expertise. From building HubSpot CMS templates to modules and themes and blog, email and system templates, Amogh may not be the talkative trainer you would want him to be but he sure can charm you with his powerhouse of knowledge and ever-lasting smile. When he is not Hub-Spotting, this shy developer prefers to catch up on sleep to be reenergised to HubSpot again.

Shwetha S

Senior HubSpot Developer, TransFunnel Consulting

This HubSpot developer imparts training on coding and testing on HubSpot – all with a magnetic smile! Shuttler and artist by passion, Shwetha can rightly leverage the modules, themes and templates in HubSpot CMS and help you put them to practical use. When she is not on HubSpot, then she is either off trekking to some mountain peak or spending some quality time with her friends.

Ronitha A C

HubSpot Developer, TransFunnel Consulting

Silent yet practical, this HubSpot developer shows her prowess in HubSpot coding and testing. Ronitha’s expertise in this area of HubSpot CMS as a developer and user interface is phenomenal. From modules, themes, templates to pages and CTAs, she can train you to enable these on HubSpot CMS for the convenience of your business and more. When she is not checking for responsiveness as a developer, this foodie prefers to be in her own company snacking or solo travelling.