Bridge The Gap Between Educational System and Industry Requirements

Digital Transformation

Get the right tech know-how to design, integrate and apply smart digital solutions in your career or business with:

  • New digital trends
  • Recent insights
  • Streamlined process workflow
  • Simplify data gathering
  • Stay relevant & engaging

Future of MarTech

We’re here to help you explore new career opportunities that have a wider scope in the market.

  • Drive better experience with customer data
  • Reimagine logistics, supply chain & organisational structure
  • Deliver fulfilling user experience

Marketing automation

At Inbound Academy, you’ll work with industry experts, including the First HubSpot certified trainer in India to gain marketing automation skills.

  • Personalise customer journey
  • Make smarter decisions with better data
  • Align marketing and sales
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Target customers right

Inbound marketing

Inbound is an umbrella term with so many concepts underneath. For careful planning and making an impact in the industry, it’s important to blend the art of using tools and aligning marketing initiatives.

  • Create content to educate leads
  • Content for buyer’s journey
  • Maximise ROI
  • Leverage marketing automation & AI
  • Behavioural marketing & segmentation

Design & Development

Keep your worries aside because the experts at Inbound Academy are here to teach you how to design a website with HubSpot CMS and more.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • APIs
  • Email & landing pages
  • Webhooks

Who Needs this?


Marketing and Sales Professional

Our experts are all set to make you start thinking like business professionals with our framework and course fundamentals!

Front End developer

Inbound Academy trains you on the why and how of responsive web development using JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 and so much more.

Web developer

It’s time to join Inbound Academy to study API functionalities, native integration, engagement APIs, HubSpot Custom objects and more.