Habits of a Successful MarTech Leader



Wlliam J.Mock


February 24, 2023

A MarTech leader is a vital link in a leadership team of any organisation. As a MarTech leader one needs to be responsible for MarTech strategies, managing the technology infrastructure, driving innovation and streamlining business processes with the help of marketing technologies. As an aspiring MarTech leader, you can leverage the traits of a successful MarTech leader.

How does a MarTech leader evolve and manage to survive in a dynamic space?

Read on to know the 5 traits of a successful MarTech leader:

  1. Data-driven
  2. ‘To be data centric, is to be person centric’ - D. Justhy (Author of The Billion Dollar Byte)

    A MarTech leader is always data-driven in the sense that s/he always uses data and analytics to make informed decisions about their MarTech stack and strategy. Data from CRM systems and analytics aid a MarTech leader with a better insight into their campaign decisions. A MarTech leader leverages marketing automation tools to ensure decisioning process that aligns with organisational goals. When deployed correctly, it can optimise customer information in real-time. A few MarTech leaders have also turned to data streaming to address data pipeline issues to recognise value in the decisioning process.

  3. Agile
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    According to The Project Management Institute, organisations that use agile methodologies complete projects before the deadlines as compared to 65% of the ones that don’t.

    For a MarTech leader, agility is the core quality required to adapt to the dynamic marketing automation industry. A MarTech leader can quickly adapt to an immediate change in their technology strategy based on the market conditions, new technological innovations or change in customer behaviour.

    Being agile also means being open to new ideas and being able to experiment with the new innovations in technology keeping in mind the feasibility. Agility also provokes innovation and motivates a MarTech leader to think clearly about using marketing technology and tools to drive return on investment (ROI) and business growth.

  5. Innovative
  6. An innovative MarTech leader pushes his team to think out-of-the-box by constantly promoting a culture of innovation. By enabling teams to experiment and take risks, s/he opens scope for continuous learning and improvement. Innovation also helps a business gain an upper edge over competitors. By staying updated about the latest tools and technology, a MarTech leader approaches problems with a solution-driven mindset.

    A MarTech leader, who is innovative, is always on the lookout for new methods to attract, engage and delight customers. For this, s/he makes use of data and analytics to look for gaps and work on bridging them, exploring new mediums and optimising campaigns.

  7. Up to date
  8. ‘Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other’ - John F. Kennedy (American Politician)

    Marketing automation, being an emerging field, is a challenge to both operate and understand. One of the best traits to be a successful MarTech leader is to be a polymath. It means having a wide range of knowledge and still willing to learn, upgrade and stay updated with the technology and trends.

    To stay updated about the latest technology and trends, a MarTech leader ensures to be a part of industry forums and community. This helps them to interact with likeminded people and share insights on what's new. Similarly, networking, following news and relevant information on the latest tools, trends and technology are also what a MarTech leader is consistent with.

    Seminars, webinars, industry conferences are other ways a MarTech leader keeps himself/herself updated. This helps them gain insider insights on technology which they can eventually experiment with.

  9. Customer-centric
  10. MarTech leaders have a knack of recognising the importance of customer experiences, understanding marketplace dynamics and intricate business processes. Leadership teams need to constantly monitor and improve digital engagement with all the customer-centric strategies.

    A MarTech leader understands that marketing technology helps make customer experience better and puts the needs of a customer first. From meeting customer needs to improving campaigns, from maintaining relationships with customers to making them influencers for the brand, a MarTech leader takes this and more into consideration vis-a-vis the marketing technology landscape.


    By using intelligence, technology and training to humanise customer engagement, MarTech leaders become a success with these the above-mentioned traits included in their daily routine. They play a crucial role in making an organisation future adaptive.

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